I have just a few guidelines that I ask you to respect in order that our date may go as smoothly as possible. Kindly read the following and let me know if you have any questions.....

1. Determine if we are a good match. I prefer to date men over the age of 40 years old, but if you are younger please be mature. I do offer certain PSE and fetish dates. I do not see men who abuse drugs. (Prescribed medications, of course, are ok. If you are on medication that will effect our date please let me know ahead of time so you can tell me how I can accommodate you.)  If you are an extreme 'hobbiest' who does this kind of thing several times a week, I would prefer that you look elsewhere.  I am interested in a deeper connection than what you are used to and in my experience, we probably will not be compatible. Please behave like a gentleman as you

would on any other date.


2. Send me all of the info I requested. Screening can be super easy and done in a few minutes if you send me all of the required info.  If you do not send me all of the info that I need, your request will not be processed.  You must send links or contact info for your provider reference, I do not have time to try to search for her.  If your reference is not well known and established, they will not be accepted.  If you are already verified on a trusted website, please let me know and I can clear you that way much quicker. Accepted sites are P411& Date Check

3.Please make an appointment in advance. Please do not send me texts at 3am asking "can you come right now" I am not that kind of provider and I rarely accept same day-late night appointments.  I prefer early evenings but I am available anytime between 10am-11pm. My schedule is usually full up to a week in advance but I can sometimes accommodate same day appointments.

4..Confirm your appointment. You must confirm 2 hours prior to get the address (or give me yours) and let me know that you can still make it or if you expect to be running late or on time.

5.Get ready. Please shower before you arrive or upon arrival if needed.  Please don't forget to brush your teeth or use the mouthwash that I provide. Please do bring a bottle of wine if you like. Make sure you have your donation ;)

6.Follow Standard Escort Date Etiquette. Be discreet when entering the hotel (please don't arrive too early and linger in the lobby & do not ask the front desk for direction to my room.) Place the donation on the desk before we begin. Knock loudly on the door to ensure that I hear you or you might find your self standing outside my door for a long time. Be gentle, gentle, gentle never rough. Do not ask to photograph me. Do not stay past the time that you booked, if you need more time you can pay for an additional 30 min.  

l'm sure that we will have a wonderful time!